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On July 2nd, 2018, I noticed my internet was not working. The router didnt show any signal so I called them to get this fixed. They tried to help over the phone but no luck. They said they would send someone that same day and confirmed my appointment. Great! Fast service to come get my internet fixed since I work from home. Nope, an hour later, they said they cant come anymore so I have to wait until 7/11/18 for the soonest appointment.

I have to go a whole week without internet which is so painful. The rep told me to contact customer support to get credited back for the days lost for the service. Its not a ton of money as I would rather have internet working but, whatever, we will take it. Terrible service as it takes a week to come out to fix my internet.

By the way, the internet speeds are ridiculously slow. They convinced me to upgrade to 100mbps for an additional 10-15 bucks so I did it. I get in the 20-30 range, I've hit 60 a couple times my speed test but NEVER anything close to 100 that I signed up for. Rip off.

So for the next week, I would keep unplugging and plugging the router to see if any internet was coming in but no luck. The last couple days before the technician was schedule to come, I unplugged the router because it was really annoying when my phone would connect automatically to the wifi even though theres no internet service coming to our house. Every time I switch wifi off on my phone, it would connect back to it automatically and my phone wouldn't work so I had to turn the wifi off again.

7/11/18 rolls around and Tech comes in and I have the router unplugged. He checks the connection and he says "yes the internet isn't working" and says "to be honest, your equipment sucks and its not that good" and said he would change it out for another router/equipment that would be me faster speeds and better coverage. Sounds great. He does his thing and internet is back and running.

I ask him to confirm the plan I have on the speed. He says I have the 100 plan. I said great, lets do a speed test. He does it and its at 55-60 and I asked why dont I get 100mbps? He didnt really have any answer. Rise broad band is charging me for the up to 100mbps and I got 55-60 when the tech was here. Today 7/12/18, I did a speed test and its at 15-20. SO SLOW.

I go to chat with CS support for Rise Broadband today 7/12/18 to get my credit for the lost internet service for the week and see what is going on with my internet speeds. This is Megan from the companies response to me asking for the credit and the speeds.

"Thank you, Ezra. We can definitely go over the connection. I might have a couple questions along the way. We are showing when the technician arrived, it was that our router had been unplugged. Unfortunately, we are not able to credit for unplugging equipment as that was not an issue with our equipment being down. We can move you to the 50 mbps plan. Any changes to your plan while in the 2 year agreement, will start the 2 year agreement over. the 50 mbps plan will be $82.95 before taxes. It will come with 350 gb of data a month."

This is really made me angry. She said the tech showed up and said that because the router was unplugged, they cannot credit me because it was not an issue with the equipment being down. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? The internet was clearly down. The technician check my internet when he first got in and even said himself, yeah theres an issue with the internet and that he said my equipment was really *** and that he would change it out. So the tech is saying in his report that I had it unplugged which was the issue but he came in and changed my equipment. SO, if my internet was not working because I had unplugged the equipment, WHY did the tech tell me the internet was definitely not working and change out my equipment? So idiotic. I went off on the chat and she came back with this sly reply.

"We can make a one time exception to credit for the router being unplugged. Do make sure to not leave any equipment unplugged when the technician arrives as it is noted if that is what was the problem."

That is hilarious making it seem like they are doing me a favor. I had it unplugged for a good reason. Basically, I need to plug it back in so the technician sees that its in to prove that it wasnt working. Haha, wow.

Lastly, I ask the CS rep, I am paying more for the 100mbps speeds and I got 55-60 when the tech was here and I am getting now like 10-20. I asked if she could explain to me whats going on with the speeds and downgrade my plan to my original one which is 50mbps for 10-15 bucks cheaper.

Her reply was "Any changes to your plan while in the 2 year agreement, will start the 2 year agreement over. the 50 mbps plan will be $82.95 before taxes. It will come with 350 gb of data a month.....On an up to 100 mbps plan, you do want to see speeds around 60-100. Those speeds would be within plan."

First of all, I would never sign another 2 year agreement to go to the 50 plan for $82 a month which is significantly higher. Its ridiculous. Thank goodness I only have 8 months left. I am frustrated because the sales rep up sold me to the higher speeds for more money but I am not getting those speeds or not even close to it. That is dishonest and bad business. So CS rep is saying if I hit 60mbps, its considered 100 plan and on par. Crazy. I shouldnt have upgraded and kept with the cheaper plan instead of wasting money on something I am not even receiving.

Overall, company is a joke. Internet is terrible and service is terrible. Nothing makes sense. Sadly, I have another 8 months with these guys and I am gone. Don't make the same mistake as me and choosing this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rise Broadband Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 12.
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I will change service as soon as possible. Very sorry service. On phone with customer service, dropped me like a hot rock.

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