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When the company was Skybeam there would be the occasional slow speed or outage. Ever since the company was bought by Rise Broadband the speed of the internet has gone way down and so has their customer service.

We go days at a time with little to no internet, even though I have a small business plan. One time it took 90 minutes to watch a 20 minute sitcom. When I call the "tech support", I get the same must be your modem...unplug this, unplug that, ...I need you to run a speed test.....we don't guarantee 5 Mbps...we advertise up to 5 Mbps. We haven't had internet in a week and we called everyday hoping to get some customer support and the first thing they ask is for me to run a speed test.

How can I run a speed test if I have no internet? They say the sympathize with my situation but do they to drive to Starbucks to send an email? The gentleman I was talking to tonight doesn't even use his company's service, so how can he sympathize?

The problem was there was no other service provider we could use.

Thankfully, we recently had a new fiber optics company come into our neighborhood. So come Friday, Bye-bye Rise Broadband!!!!!

Oh and if anyone would like to start a class action suit, please let me know..

Product or Service Mentioned: Rise Broadband Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you don't like the rural internet services, move to the city... Class action lawsuit?


Was anyone forcing you to keep the service? What a ***!


The company went through a name change in 2015, combining all divisions (Skybeam and others) within the network to one central name, Rise Broadband. If you would like to speak with a representative in regards your account and the frustrations you've experienced, you can email and you will be contacted.

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