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Customers are being robbed by Rise Broadband....we need a class action lawsuit .... I am looking for an attorney willing to file the suit

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I also am very dissatisfied will switch when contract up. Am interested if lawsuits filed.

to SecretiveNurseShark #1530006

Interested in being in this lawsuit with y'all. Got 1500 households at least in our area.

My email address is: No unsolicited ads or emails please.

to SecretiveNurseShark #1553099

Please contact me if anyone is starting a class action suit against Rise Broadband. I have an entire county that is being made to horror contracts but not getting working internet.

The most the company will do is a 10 dollar credit for 3 months! That means it costs you money to even get the credit!


I was thinking if we all file non performace e ith small claims addin all lost service feesfor non performance, time out of work to wait hors for service, hourly rate for waiting on hold and holding our life up. Duress, car fare to and from court and atty fees as well as stay in motel closest to courtMaybe then, we would get action for internet.


The note I have written below is from me my name is s s vig phone number is 707 980 2988 please text me I currently live in Las Vegas let us get together and sue rise broadband


Rise broadband lies to you about speeds and then on bills over charging I called them when they here cancellation they hang up the phone I received a bill for $100. And I wrote them certified mail to cancel last month I did continued that is switched off their modem they sent another bill for another $100 and said they will intrept the service but I have already switched off the modem. I am not going to pay them until I receive cancellation letter please all people who are experiencing fraud should get together and sue them for illegal practices


I am consulting a lawyer right now for the horrible service I received by the company.


You forgot the Federal Trade Commission.. FTC


Everyone make sure to use a IP Traffic Monitor for documentation. Also!

They say test speeds with the router bypassed and directly to PC. Get a rope!


Same here. Grandfathered by internet America 5dn 2 up.

They keep resetting our Nat to strict. Not getting what we pay for. Prior we could run three XBOX's at once. We have no cap but are throttled back at the same times every day.

Been documenting every occurrence. When they come test it they open it up and get 13 down and 8 up so the MiMo can handle it but IMO they switch it and it chokes down for those with no cap limits that are grandfathered from internet America. Same time of the month on one switch and another switch for peak times. Mountain creek two is our oversold relay station with 21 customers and oversold for the signal sent.

This company took money from our government to provide everyone fast internet called a rural experiment. All they did is put a few selected markets up and spent the rest buying other ISP companies then degrade service for a tidy profit. We have data that shows it. FCC, AG, BBB and two independent contractors along with my congressman will be getting all the data next.

We are retired so time will be spent in this endeavor. If the daughter and I can't game together online and have family fun they will find out what happens when consideration/money is given and IMO depcetive trade practice is performed in return of the so called service provided. I am pissed while typing this so please excuse my unrefined rant! D.N.

& K.W. Pipe Creek, Texas

Lexington, Texas, United States #1144410

How is the lawsuit going?

I reported them to the BBB in CO where they are based


I agree. Robbery.


I agree. Time to make these crooks pay.


Count me in! I can't believe all the problems.

Going on 2.5 days of no service right now and when we do have service it's very slow.

Also found out I'm paying the cost of their best plan but only guaranteed the data of their lowest plan because I'm a transition from Internet America. That should be illegal.

Pahrump, Nevada, United States #1063419

did you get anywhere?


If you find a attorney for a class action lawsuit, please contact me. Natasha Thank You.


I've had problems with this company since they claim they bought Internet America. My broadband speeds are now dial up speeds.

I can't even watch netflix. Everytime I call tech support I'm told the issue is a network problem and will be forwarded to the IT Team for review. Several days later I run a speed test and my speeds are the same. I call again and I'm told the problem was resolved.

They run out of things to tell me when I tell them that my speeds are exactly the way they were several days before. I asked for a credit on my bill and I was told that they need concrete proof or a smoking gun to be able to give me a one time credit on my bill if it turns out to be a network problem on their end which they keep telling me it is. Someone needs to sue that company for false advertising and call the media.

Give them a bad name and they'll lose money. That's the only way to get their attention.


I too will go in on this! This company needs to be held accountable for its false advertising claims & the lies regurgitated by their customer service & tech support people.


I'll go in with you!!!! I've had so many problems with this company - and inconsistent justification as to why I am paying more than anyone else I know for the same service. Maybe I nee to go to the local paper and see if we can get more people in for a class-action suit.

to Anonymous Washington, Missouri, United States #1017572

Count me IN FOR SURE !!!!!!!

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