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I am on Rise Broadband now after the previous company was purchases. I was with the previous one because the previous one was purchased. It is a difficult market.

I have to get really angry with them to get something done. The latest round started about January, that is the first email I have for this time. I say this time because it seems every 6 months I go through this.

I pay for 15Mb and the best ever was 10Mb the last time the repointed my antenna, that lasted about a month. Then I was down to 5 - 6, now I am from less than 1Mb to 3Mb on a good day.

Yesterday I finally got a tech to stop trying to run me around settings and testing and told me I needed to be on another cell because the one I am on is congested. So after 4 months, they are supposed to do something... in a week.

I have a 50' tower to make sure I can get high enough for a good signal. I live in an area that wireless and satellite are the only choices. I am not in favor of big government but something needs to be done about these companies overselling and under delivering.

The retention person offered to lower my plan to closer to the speed I am getting. NO! I want the speed that I am paying for and was told I could get. She also offered to give me a $10 credit per month for 3 months. Yea... I pay $70/month. So $10 us 14% off my bill and I am getting 80% less service than I am paying for. Not an equitable compensation.

I am looking for another provider, it is not easy here. If I don't get something resolved next week, I will probably kick them out. I can do as well using my phone as a hot spot and giving ATT an extra $70/month.

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