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We just moved to the area and started a contract with the only Internet company in town, Rise Broadband. I wish we hadn't went with them because we are stuck paying for service which we don't receive for the next 2 years. The Rise Internet service was great for about the first month that we had it and everything has been downhill since then. We're paying for 20Mbps and at the moment of writing this I'm getting an average of 0.13Mbps. Every month, at minimum, we have to call and complain about no Internet. My husband tried to chat with him and routinely gets cut off from chat or hung up, or put on hold until the phone hangs up on him. Our Internet regularly goes down during what they told us "peak times", so basically anytime after work until time to go to bed and on weekends you cannot use the Internet. No joke, right now they are shooting our satellite signal over a lake, and every time the sun rises or sets over the lake just right, we don't have Internet.

Today was the last straw. My husband chatted with Rise last week saying we had no Internet. They attempted to 'fix' over the line, which didn't do anything. Then they scheduled a technician to come out the following week. The technician came out. The ticket he put in said he fixed our problem, but our Internet is still down. I showed him on multiple devices the Internet speed was still at 1Mbps before he left. I managed to get 6Mbps on my phone, but we're paying for 20Mbps and he said at minimum we should be getting 11.5Mpbs. He basically shrugged his shoulders on the way out and said have someone come out next week to look at it. The man who came out also gave me the total creeps. He was playing with his 'dongle' trying to adjust himself for a good while while talking to me about the Internet problem. Asked to used our restroom, but was in there for awhile (FYI Rise, please have your employees do their bathroom business elsewhere and not in customer homes because it's one thing to not have Internet, but it's another to have to plunge my toilet after what one of your employees did to my bathroom.) The tech who left our home said that Rise would call and set up a followup appointment, which they never did so I had to chat with a tech to get another person out here next week. 4 weeks without Internet.

I asked the tech I was chatting with about how frustrating it is to be paying for service which we're not getting and he said I could receive a credit by speaking with someone in the billing dept. He gave me the number and I called. This knowing that the tech who just left our home put in a ticket saying our problem was resolved. When I called billing, I was transferred 2 times before speaking to a rude woman in the billing dept. I told her everything going on and our frustrations with not having Internet. She said that they could not provide a credit since our problem is ongoing and has not been resolved (despite the tech who just left our home today put in his ticket saying the problem was resolved). I told her our issues have been ongoing for months and it's still not resolved, and asked if we will have to keep paying for months until the issue is resolved and she said 'Yes". I then asked her when our contract was up (I did not know for how long our contract was because my husband set up the account and he wasn't available to ask). She said 2 years. My followup question was about getting out of our 2 year contract since Rise is consistently not providing us with the service we're paying for. I wanted to know if our contract had been breeched by Rise and she sounded like she was reading from a script and directed me to a section on their website about breech contracts. (It seems like a common complaint). We cannot get out of our contract without paying ridiculous fees they imposed.

Another complaint is that they mounted their satellite on our roof. We originally wanted them to install on a pole next to our home, but they refused. My husband obliged and let them install on our roof. (Our home is brand new so there should be no issues). Recently we had received a significant amount of rain and our roof started leaking right where the satellite was not properly installed. It did some major damage to our brand new home. Our home insulation in the attic had to be replaced. Roof had to be repaired. The water damage leaked into our home into our drywall ceiling and walls on both floors ( we live in a 2-story home). Drywall and studs had to be replaced. We had to let the walls dry up so we wouldn't get mold. We called Rise about this issue and their customer service says after 90-days of install it's on the homeowners. $%^&*(!@#!!! I thought they were joking. They had some 20-something on our roof for 4 hours doing the install and a few months later we have to deal with several thousand in home repairs on a brand new roof and home because they hired an incompetent person to install a satellite on our home.

I started searching online about Rise and it has become apartment that Rise is a scam company taking advantage of people in areas without any other option for Internet service. The scenarios are all the same. No other choice but Rise and Rise knows it and they are scamming their customers. They put you on towers are that overcrowded and say that they are 'updating their infrastructure' but never do. Their techs are not even qualified individuals. (My husband is a network engineer and he says half the time when the techs come out they don't know a difference between a modem and a router.)

I'm completely over this company and I would rather not have Internet then to be throwing my money away at this scam company to not even provide us the service we're paying for.

At this point I would just like to be out of our contract. Rise has caused thousands of damage on our brand new home due to their improperly installed satellite. We don't receive the Internet speeds we're paying for. They don't have the 'infrastructure' for all the people they are selling Internet to, so I would rather not have Internet than continue paying for the next 1.5 years for a service that I'm not getting anyways.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rise Broadband Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel contract without imposing fees. I'd rather have no Internet than paying for basically no Internet and having to deal with technicians after technicians every month and rude customer service. .

I liked: Only isp option i have.

I didn't like: Being on hold, Inadequate speeds and data, Inconsistent service, Poor customer service, Unqualified technicians.

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I have same extremely slow service with Rise. It appears to be a company goal to get customers to sign up for the much more expensive plans but fail to deliver.


We have been using Rise for about a year. Twice during the year, they have stated that my checks have been rejected by the bank.

I have not bounced a check for almost 30 years. Both times the bank reported that no check was submitted for payment. There was more than enough money to cover the checks. Documentation was faxed to them from the banks ( these were 2 different banks).

Each time, they have been accusatory of me. Once I had to jump through hoops to get them to cancel the late check fees. Can't wait until my contract is over.

Thank God I have another provider in town! Also love the way the statements have no due date.


Please heed the other reviews online and stay very far away from Rise Broadband!! You are better without Internet than having to deal with these scammers.

Rise Broadband seeks out areas with no other Internet coverage on purpose and use it to take advantage of people. Go with any other company in the area if you have it, otherwise stay very very far away from Rise. I'd go without Internet than go with Rise Broadband.

Very poor customer service and very poor Internet service. You have been warned.

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