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Internet America to ...who? Oh...Rise Broadband??
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Oh, hold on to your pants. This is a long ride. In June of 2014, I received a postcard flyer from Rise Broadband letting me know they bought Internet America and I'd be getting upgrades, better service, better speeds, etc. I waited around a couple of months before I finally had to call to find out what the hold up was. I called Rise to talk to them more about this, as I was now their customer and they couldn't even FIND me in their system. That... Read more

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I tried to be a Rise Broadband customer – I lasted all of one day! This company's treatment of customers is unbelievable. My installer was two hours late, he had trouble getting signal so the install took nearly four hours, he did a very messy installation with very unsightly boxes and cabling all over one corner of my living room, and he left a large puddle of urine on my bathroom floor. The next day, I had trouble connecting and called tech... Read more

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I signed up for service through Rise Broadband the beginning of 2015 and when I signed up they had 2 choices either no contract with a data cap or I could sign up for a 2yr contract and have no data cap. When I signed up for this service they said I could increase my speed or decrease my speed at anytime throughout the contract without extending the contract or facing any penalties. I called yesterday to increase my speed from 5MB to 10MB and... Read more

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3 long outages in the last 3 months. Customer service is a recording because they don't want to hear about anything. The least they can do is say: "Some *** cut the underground cable." Or "Someone has been trying to *** into our system." Or "One of our new techs screwed up the system that takes care of 6 towns in your area. We are sitting here having a meeting eating pizza and having a beer while we contemplate on IF we should do something... Read more

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I have had my service for a little over a year. When we moved to our little community we were told that we couldn't get Internet service through the major providers that we wanted. We were directed a company called Digis. They later changed to Rise Broadband. We were told that for our needs, we only needed the "Preferred" Package. They said that this package was recommended for families, students and heavy users. They said that this... Read more

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This is about the most worthless, POS company that I have ever encountered. I am typing this from my phone because I have no Internet service. We had intermittent service until a storm hit about 10 days ago. The Rise Broadband tech came out and said that he can't fix it. He said that it trees in the way or some other interference and that he can do nothing for us. I explained to him that we have been customers for five years and that is was... Read more

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I live in a ranch in Texas just south of Abilene. About 7 years ago, I installed a very tall tower to accommodate the device needed to get me on a high speed connection with Texas Communications. All was well, until they sold their broadband side of their business (which is now absorbed by Rise Broadband) and despite paying $100 per month (to include the tax) for their highest tier service and connect speeds, we discovered that "Rise" sunk to... Read more

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August 1st, I installed service with Rise Broadband and agreed to up to 15 MB download speed. Within first week, service fluctuated and speeds never exceeded 2 MB download. Contacted Rise and they wanted to charge me to have a service tech come out. After arguing that I should not have to pay for a service call, they sent out a tech. New tech installed satellite higher to get a better position on the nearby tower. Same week, internet fluctuated... Read more

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They charged me for 15Mb for over a year with poor bandwidth all the way. FINALLY a tech came out and said the tower won't even do over 5Mb. What the ***! and then they wouldn't even give me back money! Support was rude and they made it sound like it was my fault. Reported to the BBB and that made them move the next day. Gave me 6 free months and changed my rate to the 5Mb plan. I get between .45 and 3 Mb. Every time I call in or chat, they know... Read more

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I have had Risebroad Band since they took over from Digis Internet service. Originally it was Wave Direct (they were GREAT) with the 10 mbps & unlimited download which transferred over to Digis but not with Risebroad Band, since we had a contract that was grandfathered in the best they could give us is 5 mbps but I was only getting 3 - 4 mbps which I didn't know until they billed me an additional $5.00 a month for a statement which I choose not... Read more

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