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  • Customers like
    • Only isp option i have 8
    • Have a few good techs thay worked hard to fix issues 7
    • Techs are fine 6
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    • Stability issues and below paid for speed 12
    • Slow speeds 10
    • Substandard service 10
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I recommend NO ONE EVER use Rise Broadband!!! They provided not only bad internet service but their customer service department is horrible. I spoke with 2 different "supervisors" and both gave me different answers except they were consistent in reminding me that I could not break my contract. I am moving and they said they could offer a transfer instead yet they can only provide me with a sliver of what their competitor in my new area can... Read more

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Goes down several times a week. Not related to weather. I really wish I had another choice. Stay away if you can.

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Hmm thats weird ive been reading a few reports, and it seems the same problem as mine they couldnt figure out why my speed kept dropping and they didnt fix it, i canceled with them today and it was a mess. this is a very bad company, how is this company still in business???

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Service is poor. Customer service is poor . Never got the speed I paid for.

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Worst internet ever.. Constantly going in and out.. Signed up for unlimited data and was taken off that without my permission.. Now I get rammed with data over useage... Totally dissatisfied with this service... This particular company has been bought by about 4 different companies in last 5 years

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Less than desirable. From the end of Feb. to the end of June 2016, my service went down hill. I had noticed a slower connection starting in December 2015, but didn't think much of it. However, it was working fine until that point and then something happened that was a Network issue that caused a glitch. I was down pretty much all the time or if it said I was connected, it was slower than dial up. I got the constant run around from this... Read more

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Rating 1 star - posted on all social media sites Not a reputable company. I purchased a 15 mbs plan and getting 7 mbs and less. Customer service told me that the plan is only UP TO the promised troughput. In other words they feel their service is acceptable if your only getting 7 mbs or even 1 mbs on a 15 mbs service. This has been going on for over a year and in fact I even contacted their CEO, Mr. Koo and still did not get a response. ... Read more

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poor service, speeds below what you are paying for and pop under ads from their affiliate company with ridiculous questions and *** products for sale at inflated prices from Jab an affiliate or a parent company named Jab which appears as a pop under whenever you are using the Internet. Their pop under page appear randomly and are impossible to stop as long as Rise is your internet service. Their Techs pretend not to know that Jab exists. ... Read more

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My internet service went out after a year of service. We called the service department they informed us that the antenna and the power supply had gone out. We set up an appointment and they informed us we had to be there so that they could get into the house and replace the power supply. We took a day off work to be there when they arrived no one showed and no one called. So i called tech support a call back they said the ticket had been cleared... Read more

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I am getting nowhere near the amount of speed is being paid for, the service is awful. Not once since I've been using their service has my ping ever been below 100, I bet nearly anything else would be better but this is my only option in an rural area. We are also being charged for services will never use or need and being charged to rent even though we do not rent anything. The only pro to this service is the unlimited internet but this single... Read more

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